Project X Presents: Xlab V1

Project X Presents: Xlab V1

Project X time again and we’ve foregone some of the performance for this one to try out a few of the techier ideas. I will be doing a couple of av sets, one based around youtube lo fi stuff using the freeware flash based FLXER vj software, and also something a bit slicker originally inspired by the club scene in the Twin Peaks film.

Things of note will be the Object X guys applying rocket science to installation art – I jest not, the fellows range from research experiment technicians at Birmingham uni to aerospace designers to Shoreditch science teachers… and they’ve got some ingenious proximity based/footswitchin/interactive sofa sound/light/motion structures all over the place, so you really can ‘watch your step’.

And there’s a live linkup from Oz with our very own reductive pianist, Rich Batsford streaming live over video from Adelaide University.

and there’s a whole program of music to fuse with this , from punk to funk to electronica and opera…

details are all here

Project X Presents

With a disturbing, lurching assault on the senses, Project X is an intelligent and unique show destabilising the established role of the “spectator” in performance theatre and drawing you into an impressively eclectic and complex mix of art forms. – Birmingham Post

where to now?

Having been asked to talk about what I’m doing and where I’m going at Birmingham Institute Art & Design in March i thought about exactly the three areas i want to explore in terms of the 360 thang.

choreography of the camera

  • thinking outside of the frame
  • editing for immersion
  • precise control of actors/dancers/camera in an inescapable environment
  • wearable computing/camera

capture of 360° video

  • camera arrays/stitching
  • fisheye lenses
  • ultra hd
  • telematics
  • mimetics

presentation of 360° video

  • dome structures
  • customisable distortion maps for ‘generic’ rooms
  • edge blending/masking
  • projector arrays
  • fisheye projection
  • kinesthetics
  • viewer tracking/perspective shift