Well well well! after so much planning and discussion, practice events, funding apps, new members joining, old members leaving, cancellations and license issues, we are finally at the next big(gest) ProjectXpresents event…

pxp 4

pxp 4

And it promises to be a fundamental happening. Having secured the newest venue in town – BUSK which will be the new underground rock hub and home to Edward’s (8?, 9?, 10?) – we will transform the essence of the place into a digital dystopia. This will take a full week of vjs, stage and lighting engineers, set designers, costume designers and installation artists working round the clock (we’re taking beds and catering!).

In it’s most basic description the format of project x takes the gig model and turns it on it’s head. making every musician and dj play with the preceding act to create a seamless crossover, we use three stages to do so. vjs performers and dancers complete the scenario.

So in the past, having spent time making sure every musical act has the visual flavour they want and creating content for this, then building the cameras, projectors etc. into the setup, i have little time for anything else. This time i have asked my vj friends (matt randall, jink rogan, thelab, blendstate, kitten, cat and bear) from Birmingham and the Midlands to help. This will free up my time to get an overall picture of the show and step away from the mixer!

Each VJ has been in discussion with his/her appointed band/dj/artist and will be working the digitally dystopian theme into what they want. We will be workshopping ideas for a week before the build at 22 Green Street while testing out the dance tracking, creating the blipverts and brainstorming a future noir mood.

I, for my part will be working with Rich Batsford on the song Chromazone tracking dancers with help from Cat. And doing an AV set along the theme of dystopian futures… As for the other VJs and who they’ll be working with, you’ll just have to turn up on the thirteenth…