Gabriella Gardosi Tagtools


Chromatouch visuals had the privilege of sorting visuals for 6 arenas at Global Gathering this year… those rooms included m-nus, polysexual vs htid, bedrock, toolroom knights, spectrum and random concept. This was the brilliantly talented Gabby using the tagtool to great effect.

Thanks to Gabby and also Catarax visuals, TheLab and Jon Harris for making it run so smoothly…

Horse Meat Ctouch


Horse Meat Disco were the guests on the 25th of April, here’s Jim Stanton and James Hillard with fantastic visuals provided by VJ Chromatouch.

this was back in April at the Inside night i’ve mentioned before. was a while ago, but as HMD are flavour of the month i thought i’d mention that they have a new super rare crate dug disco album out.