Freecode – Noise, Jazz, Glitch, Festivals & Museums

Freecode – Noise, Jazz, Glitch, Festivals & Museums

Since my earlier post about audio visual preparations it’s been a busy year, and i have been honing my skills as an AV performer, tweaking the live setup, bringing in some new technology and generally having a ball. Along the way I’ve met some great people who I’ve formed a loose collective with called Freecode. So, leaving off from my first solo performance at Soundkitchen in May, I was asked to put on an event with the Eastside Green social space erected by the EXYZT architecture collective, during the Fierce Festival. During the festival which was twinned with the Flatpack film festival, I went to see an inspiring event, the Pixel Visions film screening of early computer generated animation a la John Whitney, and a performance by Audio Visual collaborators SCREE – DJ Sir Real and VJ Catweasel. I started talking to Antonio Roberts aka Hellocatfood

The PD patch used by Hellocatfood for Freecode Hexagon – click for his website

about the more programmed side of AV – e.g. node based software like max/msp and puredataused to generate sound and light either simultaneously or at least more purposefully… Got to thinking how little of a platform there was for this sort of event. In Birmingham or otherwise from what I’ve seen. When the opportunity to organise something for the EXYZT site i immediately thought how cool it would be to get some of us together for an event. Obviously Hellocatfood was on the cards and Minuek (Jim Warrier)

An example of Minuek’s stuff – click for his tumblr