100 faces

[slideshare id=401286&doc=passports-1210630940729254-8&w=425]

after a few years respite i want to start up the doing of my passport photo collecting again. inspired by someone on facebook posting a photo taken recently in the somerfield in king’s heath where they have a photo-me booth a real photo one not digital!

want 100 separate people in a proper booth on their own. and when i have 100 there are plans!

if you have any… email them to me or get my postal address by email…

Behind Closed Doors blog and The Secret Garden

Behind Closed Doors blog and The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden

Behind Closed Doors – reinterpreting private spaces and the overlooked

I have been working on a very exciting project called The Secret Garden, in a derelict corner of the custard factory. having cleared the space and installed 5 shipping containers we are now installing the artworks and creating the ambience. it’s very exciting and we are imagining what the space will be like in a long term capacity… there’s space to build a geodome there. 😉

i will be displaying the photos and thngs i have been doing there and using shipping containers at night as a huge lightbox.

Panoramic Photography

Panoramic Photography

I’ve been mucking about with panoramic photos again, and specifically trying to find out how the best way to put hotspots on the scenes, so you can click through to the next scene, via doors etc. so this article was useful as a comparison of stitcher and ptgui. it also seems to be quite a good intro to the medium as a whole, cos Pat St. Clair rambles in a very informative way, and seems to have been doing it from the start… he also has some great tips for clean habits to get into when starting out. it’s a fiddly business, and can take a long time to come up with unuseful material if you’re not careful.